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About: A blog highlighting Henry Timms visit to University of Washington's Comm Lead Program. Timms is the CEO of 92nd Street Y in New York, and co-author of New York Times bestseller 'New Power' 

For: Communication Leadership Program at UW

About: A blog describing the famous data analytics case where Target Retail predicted the outcome of a life event of their customer by studying her buying behavior and purchase pattern

For: Super Heuristics, a blog for MBA Students in India

About: A sports blog analyzing Messi's role in shouldering his national team Argentina into the World Cup, and why people's expectations of him are often unrealistic

For: MensXP, a leading news agency based in India

About: How do humans make a decision between two brands that offer the same things? The answer may be 'Brand Personality', a set of traits that makes brands humanly  

For: Super Heuristics, a blog for MBA students in India

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