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Increasing Sales of Smart Glucometers via Facebook Advertising


My client was a startup in the Health-Tech space, and sold Smart Glucometers for measuring Blood Sugar. Facebook Ads & Google Ads were the only point of sales, with Facebook contributing to 90% of the sales. After 5 months of online advertising, the cost-per-sale kept rising and the sales kept declining for the next 2 months

Grow Sales 2.png

Cost per Sale < $10 per device

10% month-over-month increase in sales 

Objective 1 copy.png
Audience Exhaustion.png

Audience Fatigue

The audience sets provided by Facebook had exhausted their unique reach. Ads were being shown to the same set of people since 5 months

Grow Sales.png

Rising Cost-per-Sale

Given the audience exhaustion, the cost-per-sale had been steadily rising to level where every sale was resulting in a loss 

Falling Sales New.png

Fall in Sales

With the decline in unique reach, the sales kept falling. The audience seeing the ads had either already bought the device, or weren't interested

I spent a a lot of time over the next few days analyzing data from the Google Analytics, CRM software, and competitors' websites, and came up with the following insights -  
Indian languages 2_edited.png

Lack of Regional Content

A Google report indicated that there had been a 10X growth in the consumption of vernacular content online. Till now, I was only running English Ads. Also, a majority of our web traffic came from 6 regions in India

Website Doodle.png

Poor Landing Page Experience

The landing page load time had increased considerably as compared to previous months. It was also experiencing 4-5 downtimes a day, thereby resulting in a poor browsing experience 

Facebook Ad.png

Creative Fatigue

Studying Facebook's data indicated that the audiences would stop interacting with the ads after 3 days. Also, ads focusing on festivals or upcoming events worked the best

1. Vernacular Ads: Drawing insights from Google's report, the client's sales data, and Google Analytics, I figured out 6 of the top states where we should be focusing our marketing budget on. We got a content creation agency on board to create vernacular text ads in 6 languages, and ran a separate ad set for the 6 chosen states

2. New Landing Pages: 6 separate landing pages were created to corroborate with the above, and improve landing page experience. Also, by minifying Java Script and identifying other loopholes on the website, the downtime was reduced drastically ​

3. Fresh Ads: The creative agency was briefed to generate fresh ads with a regional touch 

4. MailersPartnerships were established with 4-5 emailer agencies that had audience cuts which mirrored those of Facebook's in terms of psychographics, yet were pretty unique.  An email blast was scheduled every morning from their end  

Based on the insights, I came up with the following solutions - 




Increase in Sales

via Facebook Ads

Reduction in


Sales from Regional /

Vernacular Ads

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