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Social Media Strategy

Branding and launch of a Health Food Startup on Facebook & Instagram

July-August 2016
Superfoodz Logo.png

Superfoodz is a Health Food Startup based in Mumbai, serving health sandwiches and salads. I was the Digital & Creative Head of my MBA School's Advertising and Media Committee, ADverb, and this project came to us through an alumni. This was a collective project involving 5 team members. I was an active voice in strategizing, and took the lead in graphic designing 


Health Food had the perception of being bland and uninteresting. The brief given to us was to make this brand interesting and fun! 

We decided to go beyond the usual informative approach taken by most of the competitors, and decided to brand the startup in a quirky way. We gave the super foods a witty persona, and put up on the website on the days leading up to the launch. These were later also used as stickers on the food packaging
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